Grass Carpet

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There is nothing like lush, green grass to enhance the curb appeal of commercial and residential properties. Or is there? The look of vibrantly green grass can now be achieved with synthetic fibers that require less upkeep than real grass. The EZ grass carpet provides authentic looking, durable greenery that can be used indoors as well as outside. Here are some details about the company’s synthetic outdoor carpet and grass, their customers and the key benefits of using synthetic grass.

Synthetic Grass Provides a Real Return on Investment

EZ Grass has several types of premium outdoor carpet and grass coverings from which to choose, but they all look like the real thing. The synthetic grass offered by EZ is guaranteed to withstand temperatures as high as 40 degrees Celsius and as low as negative 100 degrees Celsius. It also looks great even after years of heavy foot and paw traffic from humans and pets. Each of EZ’s synthetic outdoor carpet and grass products come with at least an eight year warranty, and most products are guaranteed to look great for up to 10 years. The money saved on water, chemicals and labor for lawn maintenance allows many owners of EZ grass to gain a return on their investment after five years.

Types of Synthetic Grass Customers

The types of customers who consider synthetic outdoor carpet and grass installations are surprisingly diverse. Some homeowners who may be busy professionals or elderly persons with limited mobility prefer to have impeccable, maintenance free lawns year round. Pet owners who want to create an indoor or outdoor play space for their fur kids often choose the ezPAW synthetic grass for pet use that has a shorter pile for easier clean up. Commercial building managers for organizations like hospitals, assisted living facilities and professional services save money on lawn care with EZ Grass. The company even has options for businesses to advertise their brands through the inlay of business logos among the sheets of synthetic grass. Additionally, golf courses and other sports facility managers choose EZ Grass over natural grass for its appearance and durability.

Major Benefits of Using Synthetic Grass

There are homeowners who live in drought zones and water restricted areas who are so desperate to have nice lawns that they have resorted to having their dead, brown grass painted green. With EZ Grass, these people get longer lasting color and lawns that do not looked matted after heavy foot traffic. Although made of synthetic materials, EZ Grass offers many environmental benefits over conventional lawns. For instance, the company’s outdoor carpet and grass requires no toxic insecticides or fertilizers that contaminate ground water supplies.


EZ’s synthetic grass products are a great alternative for property owners and managers who want it all; they want great looking lawns without all the long term costs and time associated with lawn maintenance. The conservation of natural resources like water and fuel as well as the reduction of exposure to polluting elements are great added benefits of EZ Green.


Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

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